Tuesday, 27 August 2013

bank holiday camping.

Last weekend I planned a little get away for Neil and I as it was his 24th birthday! I packed up the car, organised pretty much everything we needed (I forgot a few bits, silly me!) waited for Neil to finish work and off we went. It was a pretty momentous moment for me as I've never driven out of the city, so going along big roads, I was basically kissing my windscreen the whole time!

When we first arrived we popped the tent up pretty sharpish as it was getting dark, and cold! We got settled and had a bit of an early night. We awoke to some awful weather, so Neil stood outside with a brolly, in his onesie cooking us breakfast on the gas stove, what a sight! 

On the Saturday we headed off to Bury St Edmunds, one of our favourite places to visit. A good shopping centre, along with shabby chic shops, nice restaurants and the Abbey Gardens too! It was such a shame about the weather, however we made the most of things and enjoyed ourselves. We had a little browse, then went and had lunch at Nandos, after that we strolled a little more down to the gardens!

After that we went and got a coffee, got in the car and headed to pets at home. I'm currently obsessing over hamsters and I wanted a little peak. Neil is adamant that I'm not allowed one, and I just like the idea, but I'm still working on him ;) I'll keep you guys posted! Once I had drooled over the little things and I pleaded to Neil, we got back in the car and headed to the campsite to cook dinner, have a few drinks and chill out!

Sunday morning was Neils 24th birthday! So we woke up, had a cup of tea and he opened his pressies. We had to be ready by 11 ish as his parents popped down to see him! We ended up going to Cambridge for the day which was lovely, the sun was out, a lovely place to visit and we had a lovely lunch, I didn't get any pictures though I'm afraid :( Once we got back we had a little stroll, played badminton and had a bbq!

Monday morning came, and it was time for us to pack up and leave. It didn't take us too long to take the tent down, its just alot of effort! Would we go camping again? Yes, but only with a built in ground sheet, since we borrowed the tent, we've learnt what we need to look for when we purchase our own! It was an experience and we had a lovely time.

Whilst I was away, Neil kindly took some outfit shots for me, so if you're interested, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do! :) I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend, what did you get up too?

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Hello pretties!

Today Neil and I were invited to go to a christening! Neither of us had been to one before and had no idea what to expect, it was certainly different to what I imagined! It was Neil's niece's that were getting christened, so it was nice to be apart of and watch!

Dress: Newlook. Watch: Micheal Kors.
Contents of my clutch: Calvin Klein Euphoria, Camera, Chewing gum, Cath Kidston mirror, Keys, Lippy and the booklet.
Clutch: Newlook.
Shoes: Newlook.

Currently sat at home relaxing with a cuppa, about to cook my dinner and just chilling in front of the tv! I love Sundays! What other posts would you like to see me do? Suggestions are welcome, feeling happy about blogging again! :) 

Lots of love, 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

fritton lake.

The other day Neil and I had a spontaneous idea to have a nice couples day out, so we headed off to Fritton Lake, a place I loved to go to as a child. It was such a beautiful day, bright blue sky and sunshine, a perfect day for a picnic! So that's what we did, I buttered the crackers, Neil did the easy bits and off we went!

Since we're both big kids, we went on the zip wire in the play area!
Not the most flattering of angles!
Then went and hired out a little rowing boat on the lake, not the cleanest water in the world, but it was fun!
Neil made the rowing look easy, trust me, it isn't, I went round in circles :)
After we had our Bridget Jones moment on the lake, we resided to the lovely gardens and chose the prettiest place to have our picnic! Our favorite crisps, crackers and cheese, olives, lemonade and other goodies!
Where we sat and ate, then chilled out and I topped up my tan!
The wonderful gardens and greenhouse in the grounds, it reminded me of the film 'The Secret Garden'

It was a lovely little outing for both of us, once we left Fritton Lake, we headed into Lowestoft, had a browse around the shops and got a milkshake! 

lots of love,
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