Thursday, 12 September 2013

i'm doing a marathon!

Yes that's right, myself and a close friend of mine are taking part in the Shine Marathon in a couple of weeks! It's a 26.2 mile route, in London! It gets even better, it's being hosted throughout the night, so whilst your all snuggle in bed, think of me walking miles apon miles in the cold!

Now a marathon normally implies that you run it, however this one is a walking one, I can barely run 10 minutes, let alone 8 hours! When we first signed up, we thought we'd have plenty of time for training, but since work has been manic, there hasn't been a lot of time. I've been training on a treadmill, but its not really the same, plus it's mega boring!

So, that's the route. We start at battersea and end there too, then we just walk along the main attractions of London, which is what makes this marathon so appealing. You get fit, have fun with your friends, raise money for an amazing charity and also visit some amazing places! There's a pit stop every 4 miles for water, snacks, loos and first aid (hopefully I won't need a first aider!) 

I think on the night, we'll pull through! I can imagine with all the people there, in the moment that we should finish with a good time, even though its a competition. The money all goes to cancer research which is very important to me and the people around me, I lost my grandad to cancer, and Neil's lost all of his grandparents because of cancer too. It's an awful thing to have an I don't wish it on anyone!

Do you guys have any tips about what to pack in our backpacks to keep us going? Have you ever thought or done one before?! Any motivation and ideas to get us through it will be much appreciated, we're going to need it! If you'd like to see a blog post about my adventure and what you'd like to see, let me know :)

Finally, if you would like to sponsor me, click here, even if its a tiny amount, it all really does help!

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