Wednesday, 2 October 2013

september non-beauty favourites.

This post is a little spin off from monthly beauty favourites, instead its non-beauty! I've been into quite a few things this month, so without further ado, lets get into it!

001. Furniture Shopping.
For the past month or so, Neil and I have been purchasing little bits here and there to finally do up our home. The friends we're living with are about to move out, so we can finally put our stamp on it, and decorate it how we like without worrying whether its to other peoples taste. As you can tell, the bits above are for the main bathroom. Would you be interested to see how we have decorated each room? Could maybe do a blog series on each room, let me know!

002. Candles and smellies.
To be honest, I've always been a candle lover, ever since I was small (blame the mother) but when the nights draw in earlier each day, its a sign that Autumn is certainly here, which makes me love candles even more. They make the home look, feel and smell so snug, and its the next best thing to a log burning fire. I popped into Sainsbury's the other day as my oils are on the low side, and I set my eyes on Christmas fragrances, how exciting, however I left them sat on the shelf, but they shall be mine within the next few weeks!

003. Cross Stitch.
Another rather odd habit that I have, is cross stitch. It started last year, and I've just really started getting into it. I'm currently finishing off the one for four Christmas ones. I find them so therapeutic whilst I'm sat down watching tv with a cup of earl grey. I live beyond my youth, I can guarantee when I'm 60, I'll be out clubbing, rather then doing cross stitch.

004. Great British Bake Off.
Everyone loves this programme, and if you don't, why not?! It's such a good show, I don't even know how to bake but I just love it, especially Mel & Sue, they just make it worth watching. I find it very easy to unwind too, with my cross stitch of course!

005. Humphrey.
Finally of my monthly non favourites is this little man. Everyone, meet Humphrey. He's my newest addition to the family. I wont go into too much detail as I'm going to do a blog post on him very soon. All I have to say is he's a Syrian who's black and white with grey speckles on his back, and he's very cute! :)

Hope you enjoyed reading my non-beauty favourites, what have you been loving lately? Let me know if you like the idea of my upcoming blog posts!
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  1. I'm glad you're back to blogging. It's almost like you're a 'different' person now, in no way bad.
    Definitely been a long time since your moving to America vids as well and it's enjoyable to read you're blog at the least.
    Hope you the best regardless.

  2. I'd definitely like to see some posts on each room! I'm planning to doing a similar thing...if I ever get round to it! xx

  3. I love your blog(:
    You look amazing!


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