Sunday, 19 January 2014

flashback: 2013.

Evening all,

I know I'm a tad late for New Year and all that, however I felt like doing a nice little recap of my year. Just scrolling through the endless amount of pictures I took over the past 12 months makes me realize how good it actually was. Now lets start from the beginning shall we?!

January: I started doing my driving lessons in January last year, this was the day it snowed so heavily for 2 hours, I couldn't even drive back home as there was a bus stuck on the hill, so I had to walk! But what a beautiful picture, I bloody love snow, even though its a pain!

February: This was a good month. On Valentines day, I had my driving test, and I passed with one minor! Even though I was incredibly ill with the flu, I made it through! As it was valentines day, Neil had surprised a lovely little romantic get away for us both in a mega pod (you can see pictures on my Instagram) it was lovely, and I'm excited to see what we'll do this year!

March: This was the month I got my car, little Pete. I named him after my driving instructor, and because he's a Polo, just seemed like the most obvious thing to do!

April: We had our first holiday of the year in April. We went to Spain, not the warmest time to go, however we got VERY burnt. The first day, we covered ourselves in baby oil and laid out in the sun, fell asleep and burnt. Neil was as red as a lobster and wore a hoodie the rest of the time we were out there!

May: I loved May. We had our one year anniversary, and we spent 3 days in London. It was lovely, we did all the touristy bits, took so many pictures and walked miles. It was lovely and I cannot wait to do something this year too! Neil also treated me to my first pair of Converse!

June: This was my favourite month, we had the ultimate summer. First of all I had my 20th birthday and got my beloved iPad, the day after we went to see Derren Brown - he blew my mind. If you've ever contemplated going to see him, do it. I would go to see him again in a heart beat. Then to finish it off, we had an amazing 2 weeks in Olu Deniz. It really is the idyllic holiday. Perfect weather, so many lovely restaurants, cheap goodies and just perfection. Although I got prickly heat, I would go back tomorrow if I could.

July: Trying to get over the holiday blues of coming home from Olu Deniz, and getting back into routine, we just continued making the most of the summer. We had so many bbq's, lovely days out and just had a laugh. This picture is of us before we went to a christening!

August: Neil had his 24th birthday towards the end of this month, I did a post about it here, so you can read all about it. We also went to Neil's brothers wedding. It was such a lovely day! Even though the picture doesn't show it, my dress was neon! You can see it better here.

September: The hardest moment of my life happened in September. I completed a full marathon. It was mentally and physically draining. It took place in London throughout the night. We started at 9pm and finished at 6am. It was all a huge blur, I cried around the 9th mile after Neil called to say goodnight. But looking back on it, I might do it again this year. Call me crazy but the feeling when you finish is second to none. 

October: This month life changed for Neil and I. His flatmate moved out, so we 'officially' lived together, no-one else, just me and him (and little humph) We really made the flat our own, we said goodbye to the cheap Argos furniture, and welcomed in some beautiful new pieces that I still adore to this day. We also took a cheeky trip to London's Ikea and got lovely little bits!

November: Another life changing month for me, I had realised I'd had enough of working for Newlook. Never having a structured week, always struggling for money, never having the hours. So I applied for new jobs, got a call and got offered an interview. I was so thankful when they gave me the job, and I still am to this day!

December: Finally to end the year, my favourite picture, of us at Christmas!

So, what a year I've had! It probably looks a bit soppy because the majority of the pictures are of Neil and I, but he's the main man in my life. I am so excited to see what's ahead for us both. I turn the big 21, Neil turns 25. Big changes might happen, who knows?! All I know is that I'm very excited! What's been your favourite moment of last year? And what are you looking forward too this year?! Let me know! :)
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