Tuesday, 28 January 2014

laura ashley phone case.

Can we all just sit back and admire how beautiful this print is?! I absolutely adore it, if I could, I'd have it everywhere in my house, whether it would be a duvet cover, sofa cushions or plates. I love it that much!

I've been lusting over this for months, but couldn't justify the £25 price tag, however when Neil and I were browsing the other day, we found it, and with a 50% off sticker - winner! Neil kindly bought it for me as he knew how much I loved it! Sort of like a late Christmas present.

I love the colours, right up my street, its so beautiful. Laura Ashley is a dangerous place for me, its so easy to get your debit card out and go crazy, hence why I try to keep myself away! What do you guys think about Laura Ashley, would/do you shop there?
 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps89087832.jpg


  1. Such a lovely print! I'm exactly the same with Laura Ashley, everything's so pretty! :)

    Nicola xx

  2. Omg that phone case is gorgeous!!!

  3. Beautiful!
    Perhaps you'd like to follow each other on


  4. So pretty! I love the color yellow that they used.


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